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Building our own community: research, build and innovate in sustainability models.

What is unique about this project, is the opportunity to participate in the building, research and development of an off-grid community.

Zero Point Energy - Tesla technologies – Water, wind and solar energy – Forest Gardening - Permaculture – Renewable building materials and design – Resource management

There is no better way to learn than through direct participation in all stages of the project.  Problem solving and skills development will go hand in hand with community building, as we learn to build from what is available, to grow our own food, and develop the technologies to harness the power of nature.

Our vision - a new way of living and learning . . .

At the center of the project is the development of an off-grid community and school that innovates in holistic, integrative and life-affirming spaces, energy and water management, gardening and food science, nutrition and herbology.


Alongside this core project will be the academy, which will be a center of transformation in our understanding of the world and our place in it; a center for personal growth, learning and transition.

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