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World Community Autism Program
Healing and recovery in a holistic, therapeutic and natural Environment


Since 1997, World Community Autism Program has been dedicated to develop projects that lead to a breakthrough in the understanding and treatment of autism.

Over the last 20 years, we have witnessed the power of recovery through special diet, nutritional and healing programs. WCAP plans to create therapeutic recovery centers around the world where families get all the support they need to let go of the trauma of autism diagnosis in an educational, supportive and natural environment. As a "Transitional Holistic Community", Cumberland Academy aims to provide such an environment where people on the autism spectrum can recover, heal, learn and grow, realizing their full potential.


Beyond School –
The Development of Transition Communities

"The communities we envision include centers offering short- and medium- term therapeutic transition programs.
The aim is not to remove the children from home and put them in boarding schools, but to provide a release from the environments of school and home that are leading to frustration and anger.
The release can be for a few days to a few months, but the goal is to transition into a new situation where the child is on the way to becoming a young adult, with some independence, experience of the world, emotional maturity, better social skills and awareness of self.
The centers would offer dietary, behavioral and educational programs, practical skills development, social skills training, crafts, outward-bound expeditions, sports and leisure activities.
In these settings, the child will meet others going through the same transitions, and peer bonding will be a goal as they are put into situations where problem-solving will require co-operation and team-work."

"One of the great strengths of Permaculture is its emphasis on diversity. One thing that is too often poorly thought about is how to include, and mutually benefit from, the diversity of human needs and potential contributions."

The Importance of Neurodiversity in Permaculture by Neil Layton


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